Alpha Fins get creative with your acoustic design!

Alpha fins modular design, choice of colours, and shape allow you to design beautiful acoustics. Alpha fins can be arranged and spaced in countless designs, Available in two standard styles and 14 colours that can be mixed and matched to deliver your design, suitable for both walls and ceilings.

Alpha Fins are an excellent way to reduce reverberation. In this project, they were used in a corridor with a complex shape. The hard parallel surfaces created flutter echo and reverberation. Alpha fin wave design was used to great effect to remove this issue and look brilliant. The Alpha Fin also supported the client’s eco ambitions as the product is manufactured from recycled polyester, prominently sourced from bottles and other recyclable PET consumables.

Do you have a design idea? do you want to bounce them around? Then give us a call and we will do all we can to help.

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