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Acoustic Panels - Acoustic Rafts & Baffles

Enhancing Your Space: The Benefits of Acoustic Panels and How to Choose the Right One

In a world filled with noise, tranquillity often feels like a luxury. Whether it’s the hum of urban life or the clatter of a bustling office, the cacophony can be overwhelming. However, with the right acoustic solutions, transforming a chaotic ambience into a serene oasis is within reach. A pivotal component in this transformation is […]

Getting Tired Now? Elevating Mental Well-Being in Workplace Design through Acoustic Transformation

We’re in the midst of the summer holiday season. Some of us are basking in a smug return, mentally recharged and ready to dive back in. Then there’s me, and maybe a few of you, truly knackered and counting down the sleeps until the holidays kick in. But let’s have a real talk here. How […]

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The Importance Of Good Office Acoustics

Office acoustics refer to the sound environment within an office space. Good office acoustics are essential for creating a comfortable and productive work environment. Poor acoustics can lead to distractions, decreased concentration, and communication difficulties. One of the most significant issues with office acoustics is noise pollution. This can come from a variety of sources […]

Fitting Out The Perfect Office Space.

Fitting out the perfect office space. Never has the design of office space been more important, as research has proven that there are direct links between workspaces and staff wellbeing, creativity, and efficiency. Luckily, extensive research has provided us with a clear pathway to creating the perfect workspace. Which is set out below. The Acoustics […]

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Acoustic Rafts Or Acoustic Baffles?

Acoustic Rafts Or Acoustic Baffles? We regularly get asked which is the most effective acoustic ceiling treatment, Rafts or Baffles? The answer is both, however, there are certain environments where we recommend the use of one over the other. Acoustic Baffles Baffles effectively absorb sound, and most importantly, offer better style than a suspended ceiling […]

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When to use acoustic Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Acoustic Panels offers a wide range of high-quality Ceiling Acoustic Panels for your convenience. The primary objective of a Ceiling acoustic panel is to increase speech and audio intelligibility by controlling unwanted reverberation and echo through absorption. The perfect sound absorption is a noise reduction co-efficient (NRC) of 1.0 at 1.0 which means […]

How to stop noise from the neighbours

It’s 1.30 in the morning and you’re wide awake, struggling to burrow deep enough into your pillows to drown out the sounds of Slipknot blaring from the house or apartment next door. Or maybe it’s the whole house extraction system the builders thoughtfully placed right against your bedroom wall in the adjoining property. Whatever the […]

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