Reverberation Report

By completing this Credit Application, you are acknowledging and agreeing to Acoustic Panels Terms and Conditions. The Acoustics Company has developed a desktop reverberation calculator, which has been created by a renowned acoustician in the industry. Its purpose is to determine the current level of reverberation time (RT) within the analysed space. This information is then used to develop an appropriate acoustic solution to lower the RT to a recommended level, based on the industry BB93 standard. Using the report generated by the Desktop calculator, The Acoustics Company can identify and position their in-house manufactured acoustic products to decrease the RT to the suggested level. However, it is important to note that this report is a theoretical analysis and may not be entirely accurate. Therefore, procurement decisions should not solely rely on this report and should include a physical survey conducted by a qualified acoustician.


Obtaining information on the space

The acoustics company needs to know the general dimensions and construction materials of the space. Please can as arcuate as you can in order to improve report accuracy.
Please provide ceiling height - h1 & h2 (if applicable)

Allowed file extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif

Health & saftey

The Acoustics Company need to know basic health and safety information to provide an accurate quotation.

Your expectations

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