Barrier Mats

Acoustic Barrier materials are designed to add mass to a substrate used to construct walls, floors, and ceilings to reduce noise transmission. There are a range of barrier mats made from different materials and thicknesses. They can be incorporated into composites such as the TechMat floor 2 & 3 Ply products used to reduce impact and airborne noise.

£126.00 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)
£24.00£36.00 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)
£17.25£166.99 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)

Acoustic Floor Treatments

TechMat – Deadsheet

£20.70£28.44 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)

We supply a range of barrier mats with and without self-adhesive backing.

Typical uses

  • Reducing noise transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • The insulation of surfaces with low surface mass (lightweight partitions or panels in various materials)
  • Airborne noise insulation in ceilings.
  • Reduction of impact noise levels in all types of frameworks and in floating floors.
  • Damping of impact noise caused by rain on metal roofs.
  • Used in combination with sound absorbent materials, these mats result in products with high acoustic performance characteristics.
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