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When noise is made within a building, it will either be absorbed, reflected, or transmitted by your walls, ceiling, and floors.The goal of sound treatment is twofold:

  1. Prevent transmission of sound from room to room and floor to floor.
  2. Reduce background noise to enhance the quality of speech or media within rooms. Installing acoustic flooring is an effective and efficient way of accomplishing the former goal.
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Acoustic Floor Treatments

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While acoustic ceiling and wall treatments protect against transmission of sound from room to room, acoustic flooring is effective at preventing the transmission of sound from an upper floor to a lower floor.

Together with ceiling and wall coverings, your acoustic flooring system will help create the best acoustic environment for your room or building.

Types of noise acoustic flooring can help with

1.Impact Sound

Whether from foot traffic, sliding chairs or vibrating equipment (audio or machines), floors bear the brunt of impact within your building. The sound energy generated by this impact can be transmitted through the structure of your building, distorting noise and disturbing employees, guests, or residents. Acoustic flooring is designed to insulate impact noise, preventing its transmission from your floor into the rooms below.

2. Airborne Sound

Airborne sound typically stems from people, speakers, and instruments. Like impact sound, airborne sound can transmit through your flooring into other parts of your building.

Acoustic flooring options:

  1. Carpet – Carpet or carpet tiles are known for mitigating impact sound, making them a perfect choice for hotels, classrooms, and offices. Higher pile carpets or carpets with a thick pad underneath, are especially good at absorbing sound and reducing transmission.
  2. Commercial rubber flooring is known for its sound absorbent qualities. More than that, it is slip, mould and mildew resistant. It is a great choice for hospitals, schools, gyms, and kitchens looking for a durable acoustic flooring material.
  3. Sound Barrier Mats – A heavy sound barrier mat designed to add mass to floors used to help reduce the transmission of noise and reduce impact noise. Available in a variety of densities and thicknesses to suit your application. Ideal for underlay, under carpet or wooden floors.
  4. Composite Barrier Mats – Composite barriers mats are a high performance acoustic solution. Composites such as our TecMat Floor range combine a closed cell foam and either one or two layers of sound barrier mat. This composite solution can reduce both airborne and impact noise.
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