Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam is a common material for manufacturing Acoustic Panels, mainly because of its outstanding acoustic absorption properties. The primary goal of Acoustic Foam Panels is to enhance speech and audio clarity. They achieve this by controlling unwanted reverberation and echo through effective absorption.

Acoustic Foam Wall Panels

Acoustic Foam Wall Panels, like our TechTile and FireTech Profile Tiles & Foam Sheets, are often seen in their "raw state." They are commonly used in sound recording studios and anechoic chambers for noise testing. offers Echo Acoustic Ceiling & Wall Panels and Echo Geo Acoustic Ceiling & Wall Panels. These products feature a state-of-the-art melamine acoustic foam core. When it comes to Acoustic Foam Panels, there is no better option available on the market!

Melamine Acoustic Foam Panels combines the following 'best in class' features.

  • A class A acoustic absorber.
  • A Class O fire rating (self-extinguishing)
  • Extremally lightweight.
  • OEKO-TEX ®Standard 100 Environmental certification.
  • Can be fabric wrapped, delivering 130 fabric and colour options.

TechTIle Acoustic Foam Panels

Our TechTile Acoustic Foam Panels are made of polyester foam and designed in a wedge tile shape. This shape increases the absorption surface and diffuses sound waves, resulting in superior performance over flat panels. Polyester foam is a cost-effective option often used in Media Rooms, Home Theatres, and Recording Studios where a high cover rate is needed. Despite its budget price, the TechTile delivers high-quality performance.

In contrast, FireTech profile Acoustic Foam Panels are a budget-friendly option for industrial settings. FireTech is a highly modified flexible open-celled polyurethane foam with a surface profile known as an egg box profile.

This design offers excellent absorption characteristics, particularly for low frequencies, and achieves the highest possible fire resistance rating for a flexible acoustic foam panel.

When price and performance outweigh the need for aesthetics, FireTech is a perfect choice. It is a versatile option for acoustic sound absorption.

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