Acoustic Office Screens offers a wide range of high-quality Acoustic Office Screen solutions for your workspace and office environment needs. This range of acoustic office screens is a perfect choice to divide an office space providing an effective solution in reducing noise problems.

Acoustic Furniture & Screens


£39.20 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)

Acoustic Furniture & Screens

Flex Screens

£201.60£380.80 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)

Acoustic Furniture & Screens


£546.00 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)

Acoustic Furniture & Screens

Avalanche Screens

£227.89£399.60 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)

Acoustic Ceiling Treatments

Alpha – Sample box

£8.50 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)

Acoustic Ceiling Treatments

Helix Suspension Fixings

£3.64£21.84 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)
£3.90£8.78 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)
£4.32£43.16 EXCL. VAT (Price Per Pack)

Acoustic office screens Benefits

Acoustic office screens primary role is to reduce echo and reverberation, but they can deliver several key functions:

  • Increase the volume of absorption in open plan offices and commercial spaces.
  • Create new spaces and break out areas, disrupting not only sound but also the line of sight, which is particularly helpful in hotel lounges and restaurants.
  • Improve privacy.
  • Improve the quality of telephone calls and video conferencing.
  • They can be used to add some absorption and interest to hard surfaces such as glass and hard walls such as block or brick.
  • And now they are being used to help deliver social distancing rules within the workplace.

Our Acoustic Screen Range includes our bestselling Avalanche range, and our new line of designer premium acoustic office screens Flex. With more designs coming soon!

If you require help with the range, then please give us a call and we will do all we can to help.

Acoustic Wall Panels

We also have the Chameleon wall panels which are often used as Office Acoustic Screens, using our hanging rail system. Our Acoustic office screens are manufactured using recycled plastic bottles, are easy to fit and low maintenance.  Constructed to give years of service and flexibility. 

Acoustic Office Screens- Key features

  • Flexible, easy to install and move as you grow and change.
  • The Alpha Print range is a Bespoke printed Acoustic Office screen that can match your exact design requirements.
  • Designed to reduce reverberation and echo.
  • 13 Solid colours.
  • 10 different design.
  • Easy DIY installs with online and telephone support if required.
  • Low maintenance, robust fibre free products.
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Buy online direct from the UK manufacturer.
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