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Acoustic wall panels with lights

Our acoustic wall panels with lights create visual impact. Lights are a great way to improve the acoustics of a space, and you can change on walls with glow oval, glow square, glow circle and lume acoustic lighting.

Acoustic wall panels and bass trap

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing panels that absorb all types of sound frequencies in a room. The acoustic panel's insulations have room sound dampening.

Bass traps are also sound panels or bass trap panels. But, they absorb low-end frequencies that acoustic panels cannot. That’s why we offer bass trap kits.

Acoustic panels that look like art

They look like a masterpiece of an artist, such as our infinite characteristics of printed panels and tone wall series. Check out our design gallery for inspiration and discover how others have transformed their spaces with soundproof wall art!

Acoustic panels and soundproofing

acoustic panels for walls or ceiling

Acoustic Panels:

  • Reduce echo and reverberation for a crystal-clear listening experience with sound dampening panels.
  • Enhance speech clarity in conference rooms and offices with noise reduction panels.
  • Create a more peaceful and productive atmosphere at home with noise blocking wall panels.
  • Available in various styles and colors to complement your décor.

Soundproofing Materials:

 Sound blocking and sound dampening wall treatment material between rooms for ultimate privacy.

  • Soundproof wall panels uk minimize noise distractions from outside sources like traffic or neighbors.
  • Soundproof foam for wall soundproof tiles perfect for home theaters, recording studios, and soundproofing specific areas.

Acoustic panels vs foam

Acoustic Panels: Sophisticated sound absorbers offering a blend of functionality and aesthetics, such as fabric acoustic wall panels, sound proof ceiling panels, noise blocking wall panels, and absorption wall panels.

Foam: A traditional noise dampening solution known for its affordability and simplicity, such as noise reduction foam, sound blocking foam,

soundproof foam for ceiling soundproof foam for walls and noise canceling wall foam are available in stock.

Acoustic wall panels types

acoustic wall panels for recording studio and home theater

The popular types are printed panels, echo acoustic dome 80mm, alpha salts, polyester sheet 12/24mm, tech tile, tone wall, and much more.

Acoustic wall panels offer better sound and great looks, They blend the two well.

Acoustic Panels: main benefits

Acoustic excellence benefits: The perfect sound absorption is a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 1.0 at 1.0, meaning that the acoustic product absorbs 100% of the sound and no sound is reflected in the room. Perfection is seldom achieved or even required, however. 

Acoustic survey options: An acoustical engineer may charge you for an acoustic survey. This approach is recommended if health and safety or legislation is an issue, but it is optional if your ambition is to improve comfort and performance.

Optimal coverage benefits: As a starter for 10, for effective sound control in typical indoor environments, we recommend covering at least 15-20% of a room's wall space with our acoustic wall panels for effective sound control, or 30 to 45% in more problematic areas.

Ceiling solutions: If you don't have the space to fit the volume of acoustic wall panels needed, i.e., glass walls and a large number of windows and doors, you may need to incorporate acoustic ceiling solutions such as acoustic ceiling baffles, suspended rafts, or acoustic screens.

It may also be worth looking at covering glass walls with open screens and walls with creative acoustic dividers and screens.

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Acoustic Wall Panels: Key Features

  1. Our Acoustic Wall Panels, Echo, Alpha, and Absorb range stop unwanted noise by reducing echo and reverberation. This increases speech intelligibility and helps to lower overall noise levels.
  2. Dimensions of acoustic wall panels (2400 x 600, 200 x 60, 2.4m x 600mm, 3m, 2.6m) cut to size.
  3. Solid colors or fabric wrapping (over 130 different fabric options) ensure a perfect interior design solution is available.
  4. Various standard shapes, sizes and colors (white, blue, black, green, grey, dark grey, dark felt,) are available, with 3D print options for our printed wall panels range.
  5. Easy DIY installs with online and telephone support if required.
  6. Low-maintenance and robust fiber-free products.
  7. Many products in the Acoustic Wall Panel range are manufactured using recycled materials.
  8. Buy online directly from the UK manufacturer to ensure the best value for money.
  9. Our Acoustic Wall Panels are a perfect solution to any unwanted noise problems in offices, classrooms, studios, home theaters, gymnasiums, community centers, home offices, places of worship, and more.

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Where can I use acoustic panels?

acoustic wall panels for recording studio and home theater

There is no limit to the versatility of our panels used in exterior and interior. Here are just a few of the many places where our decorative and soundproofing  wall panels can make a significant impact:

Acoustic wall panels for commercial

  • Recording Studio
  • Home Theatre
  • Conference rooms
  • Offices
  • Auditorium
  • Gymnasiums
  • Churches
  • Schools

Acoustic wall panels for residential

  • Home Theater
  • Gaming Room
  • Study Room
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Behind the TV
  • Kitchen
  • Apartment
  • Hallway

In our blog, see in detail Acoustic Wall Panels Benefits, Uses, Installation Maintenance Tips, and User Experience: A Comprehensive Guide.

Installation Process

The installation process is so easy because our expert team makes YouTube tutorials when they provide services of acoustic wall panels fitting. You can get guidance by watching the videos on our YouTube channel.

Customer Testimonials

The testimonials for our products speak for themselves.

You can see the Rayan Taylor testimonial on the Trust pilot about the panels.

Jack and the team provide excellent services.

“Jake and the team provided excellent service in designing acoustic panels for our office. They were incredibly helpful, and the panels not only look professional but also effectively reduce noise in our open plan. I highly recommend it. Thanks! “

Reviews of Our products

Trusted rating source Trust pilot. Look satisfied after the purchase. Customers leave five-star ratings about our products.  



Can I get guidance on products?

Yes, you can get guidance free of charge. Our customer agents are available 24 hours a day. Also, you can send your inquiries via email to [email protected].

Acoustic wall panels do they work?

Absolutely. Acoustic panels work 100%. They have a layer of special materials inside that have the ability to absorb unwanted noise and echos.

What are acoustic wall panels?

Sound Panel: Acoustic wall panels (also called sound-absorbing panels, sound panels, or soundproof panels) are boards covered with sound-absorbing fabric designed to control sound reverberation and echoes in a room. Commercial soundproofing treatments are commonly used to address speech-intelligibility problems.

What type of acoustic panel is best?

How do I choose acoustic panels?

4 Tips For Choosing Acoustic Sound Panels

  1. Use fire-rated materials to control sound. Fiberglass panels are class A fire-rated.
  2. The Thickness of Sound Absorbing Materials.
  3. Weather-resistant soundproofing panels.
  4. Baffles can improve soundproofing.

Do acoustic panels actually work?

Yes, acoustic panels are a great way to reduce unwanted noise in your places. By adding our wall panels and ceiling tiles, the overall noise level within your home will be reduced.

What is the difference between a soundproof panel and an acoustic panel?

Soundproofing minimizes sound that passes through walls both ways. Acoustic Treatment controls sound reflections inside a room. It is for making better recordings.

What are the disadvantages of acoustic panels?

The only downside to acoustic panels is that they can have fire rating issues. This is due to the materials used to make them. Some panels release smoke or chemicals, when burned and thus may not be suitable or safe if there is a risk of fire.

Are acoustic panels good for soundproofing?

Yes, acoustic panels are very effective for soundproofing.

How many acoustic wall panels do I need?

Measure your area, where you want installation, and consult with our agent.

Can you paint acoustic wall panels?

Generally, painting acoustic wall panels  is not recommended  because it can significantly reduce their effectiveness.

How do you attach acoustic panels to the wall?

Attaching or hanging is so easy, you can do it yourself. Some panels have a self-adhesive backing. Installing them is as simple as peeling the backing and sticking them to your surface.

Are acoustic panels worth it?

We offer cheaper prices than others.

What is the difference between a soundproof panel and an acoustic panel?

Soundproof panels are intended for minimizing the level of sound that passes through the walls both ways by building.

Acoustic panels are intended for controlling the unwanted sound reflections inside the room for making better sound recordings.

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