Ambiance™ by The Acoustics Company

Ambience allows design freedom and the opportunity to design striking interiors with incredible acoustics. The innovative solution can be used as a free-hanging solution or direct-fix wall panels. All Ambience systems are 40mm thick and are available in all the shapes, fabric options, and sizes required to deliver exceptional acoustics. Ambience is manufactured from a Class 0 recycled glass fiber core and is fabric-finished to offer exceptional quality. You can choose from over 100 fabrics to ensure the perfect match within your interior design.

Technical Data

What Is made from?

Glass wool core with a fabric facing

Fire Ratings

BS 478: PART 6: 1989+A1:2009 (17.4) BS476: PART 7: 1997 (CLASS 1) BS476: CLASS 0 CORE

Maximum Dimensions

2440mm x 1220mm x 40mm


4KG M2 +-5%

Recyclable Content

Recycle Content: 56% Glass Fibbers

Acoustic Performance


Cutting Tolerance

Cutting tolerance 2%


Key features

  • Impact resistant for hardwearing areas
  • Easy to handle and quick to install
  • Cost effective raft solution
  • High fire performance perfect for interiors
  • Ridged for perfect straight lines for baffles and rafts
  • Class A acoustic ratings
  • A great solution for Low – mid frequency issues
  • Panels can be cut to size to suit your project
  • Extremely versatile
  • Sustainable building material
  • Can be used as wall panels, ceiling rafts, baffles and more!
  • Available in over 200 fabrics!


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