Acoustic Ceiling Panels, Sound Absorbing Ceiling Tiles or Rafts

Explore high-quality acoustic ceiling panels uk for any space. They not only absorb unwanted noise, but also reduce echo and convert ceilings into modern styles. Affordable and durable also It is available in a range of sizes, designs, colors, thicknesses, and materials, so you can choose the best that works for your requirements.

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Along with soundproofing, if you want to reintegrate both commercial and residential buildings, an effective solution is our sound-absorbing tiles and panels.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Sound-absorbing ceiling panels reduce noise from outside sources such as traffic, machinery, neighbors, and other disturbances. Our ceiling acoustic treatment helps to create a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Acoustic rafts and baffles are the best solution for spaces with too much reverberation and echo. This is especially true in open-plan areas.

Spaces such as homes, offices, restaurants, large halls, and shopping centers, benefit a lot from acoustic ceiling treatment.

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How do acoustic panels or rafts work?

When sound waves reflect to the roof, rafts and panels stop the noise. The acoustic absorptive panels are designed to hang horizontally from a roof to help control and reduce sound reflections from the floor to ceiling and work surface.

Sound Absorbing Ceiling Rafts

Acoustic Ceiling Panels for Office

Create an ergonomic office with our soundproof solutions. A quiet environment is essential for ensuring the health and productivity of employees.

Placing our decorative panels with lights on office roofs improves employee productivity. This helps to improve employee focus and concentration, and they get target results.

Also, we provide an open booth, Nook Solo, which adds a quiet shelter for the increase in individual important video conferencing for offices.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels for Restaurants

Restaurants are noisy all the time. Our soundproof panels absorb noise and create a customer-friendly environment. The ceiling panels have transmuted the noise and sound in the restaurant, making it a much more enjoyable dining experience for guests. You can hang acoustic baffles with lights on the roof.

Mostly used in restaurants are suspended baffles, such as alpha canopy dynamic, alpha canopy concave, alpha canopy pyramid and much more in alpha series and whisper wave ceiling cloud.

Enhance customer experience in your restaurant with our noise-reducing ceiling panels.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels for Home

They create a pleasant environment in homes and especially reduce sound waves and echoes in home theaters. Ceiling panels are a great for home, low-maintenance alternative to a painted or tiled ceiling.

Transform your space with our range of decorative ceiling panels. You can use it in any room of your home, from kitchen to bathroom and beyond.

Create a serene atmosphere in your home with our noise-reduction ceiling panels. Also, they are used in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

Enhance home theater ceiling treatment with our noise-blocking panels.

Benefits of Ceiling Panels

Our Panels offer many benefits for both commercial and residential. They improve resident and employee life. They help any environment.

  1. Decorative acoustic options
  2. Design versatility with lightweight
  3. Noise reduction
  4. Speech clarity
  5. Sound absorption
  6. Improved sound quality
  7. Improved productivity
  8. Cost-effectiveness
  9. Sustainability
  10. Easy installation

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Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Suspended acoustic ceiling panels and suspended acoustic clouds are specially designed for home, office and restaurant renovations. Also, We provide pangolin, and zone-suspended acoustic absorber baffles.

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Suspended baffles like natural flowers enhance home decoration. They are often made of a mix of materials, including foam, and recycled polyester. We provide bathroom ceiling panels that absorb water sound. We provide waterproof bathroom ceiling panels.

In suspended acoustic ceiling panels or rafts options have chevron, pangolin, zone, and lotus.

Sound Absorbing Ceiling Tiles

Sound Absorbing Ceiling Tiles

Sound-absorbing or soundproof ceiling tiles are the most effective solution for noisy roofs. Noise bounces off hard surfaces and back into the room. So, softer materials are used to absorb some of this energy.

There are many solutions to the problem of sound echos. Often, people use several tools. These include wall panels, acoustic foam panels for the ceiling, hanging baffles for soundproofing, rafts, and even free-standing screen structures. With that said, research has shown that ceilings have the biggest impact. They affect the acoustic quality of open plan workplaces.

Along with soundproofing, if you want to get art on your walls. We offer decorative acoustic wall tiles. Decorative tiles for walls will create a customized wall experience, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and garden walls.

If you’re looking to improve privacy, we recommend you explore our stock. It has sound-insulating ceiling tiles. Acoustic ceiling tiles 1200 x 600, 600x600, available in many size configurations.




12x12 acoustic ceiling tiles 2x4


soundproof ceiling tiles 2x2


1x1, 4x8, 12x12, 24 x 48


office ceiling tiles 2x4


60 x 60, 1200 x 600, 600x600


black acoustic ceiling tiles 2x4


4x8 acoustic ceiling panels

Maximize privacy and minimize disturbances with our noise-dampening ceiling tiles.

Ceiling Soundproof

We provide sound proof, sound-reducing and sound-dampening panels for ceilings and tiles. Our panels and raft tiles create a comfy environment in noisy areas.

Soundproof ceiling panels offer numerous benefits for both commercial and residential environments. Our soundproof ceiling costs less than others.

Ceiling Soundproof Panels, Tiles and board are available in thickness, soft, low weight, size, colors, designs, and shapes.

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Ceiling Panels image

Soundproof Ceiling Material

They are often made of a mix of materials. These include foam, recycled polyester, gypsum, and silica. They are meant to absorb sound waves. This stops outside noise from entering the room.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels Installation

For installation, We provide strong fixing hangers. such as:

Ambiance fixings for:

  • Ambiance rafts
  • Ambiance rafts

Sky Anchor Fixing

Fixing for:

  • Alpha Baffle
  • Avalanche Screen

AL1-SMHX-BB6-Helix Suspension Fixings

Fixing for:

  • Absorb Rafts
  • Alpha Rafts
  • Alpha Baffles, hanging sound baffles

IG1-BB6G-Clear fix Loop Suspension fixings for:

  • Pangolin
  • Lotus
  • Zone
  • Chevron
  • Lattice

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install acoustic ceiling panels?

Installation is easy. We provide free guidebooks and watch tutorials on Youtube.

How to hang acoustic panels from ceiling?

We provide fixing hangers, hangers hooked with panels and hung on the roof.

Where to place acoustic panels on ceiling?

You can place any space where you feel noise pass and reflect.

How do Soundproof Ceiling panels work?

Sound proof panels are a combination of materials such as foam and recycled polyester. That's why they reduce reverberation and echoes in a room.

Why choose our products?

We have fifteen years of experience in the acoustic field and we provide the best-quality products. Also, you can see our ratings.

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