Acoustic Installations Services

We design, manufacture, and supply the future of interior acoustic installations.

Design, Manufacture & Install

The Acoustics Company Online exist to help you build appealing spaces with the best acoustics. Our design-led manufacturing skills allow us to turn outlandish ideas into reality.

The Acoustics Company Online can help you design interiors that offer increased user productivity, wellbeing and creativity by manufacturing advanced acoustic products that solve reverberation and echo issues.

Acoustics are critical to designing healthy interior environments and should never be overlooked. By building acoustic installation products into the fabric of designs, we can help you decrease project costs and enhance visual aesthetics. We offer an extensive range of playful and functional acoustic products to choose from to ensure the best fit for your project.

Acoustic Ceiling baffles

Site Survey

Site surveys are an outstanding way for The Acoustics Company Online to help turn your concept into a reality. Book a site survey to learn more about The Acoustics Company’s Online product range and to plan the ideal acoustic installation solution. By working as a team at the start of the project, we can help reduce the overall project cost by building the acoustic solution into the fabric of the interior design.

Advantages of a Site Survey

  • Acoustic reverberation reports showing the results before and after treatment
  • Reduces Acoustic Treatment Fee
  • Collaborative Acoustic Design
  • Gain information about Our Full Range of Products
  • Fast turn around. On Average Products are Manufactured Within 10-14 Working Days

Desktop Reverberation Reports

The Acoustics Company Online offers desktop reverberation reports to assist specify the correct product and its amount. A desktop RT report will highlight the approximate reverberation time in your interior, this information will then be used to propose a recommended treatment and quotation. The RT time is crucial when designing acoustic treatments and each interior will have a different recommended RT time. That is what The Acoustics Company Online follow the BB93 industry standard to ensure the correct solution is provided.  

To produce a report, we require:

  • Images of the space
  • Dimensions of the space
  • Description of construction materials used

Product Design

The Acoustics Company Online offers a whole turnkey service to acoustic product design, from concept through to manufacture. A significant advantage we provide over our competitors is a wide range of acoustic brands and materials. We do not rely on a single material type for all acoustic products; we provide an extensive range of acoustic installation materials, each with its advantages and benefits to ensure the perfect acoustic solution.  

The Acoustics Company Online design team will offer full CAD, render and technical drawing assistance on any new product that you have designed using one or a combination of our brands. We offer a swift turnaround on prototypes and material samples to help speed the development of your product.

Just remember, everything we manufacture can be customised to suit your obligations!

Product Manufacture

The Acoustics Company Online we manufacture products from start to finish in-house. We have full control over the quality, cost and shipment to ensure the best service to our customers. Although we offer a large range of acoustic installation products and continue to develop new and exciting ideas, we provide unremarkable access to the following manufacturing capabilities.

  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Bonding, Slitting & Laminating
  • Foam Panel Fabric Wrapping
  • Horizontal CNC Blade Cutting
  • UV Printing
  • CNC Blade Panel Etching / Chamfering
  • Heated Press Moulding
  • Egg Box Profiling
  • Foam Profiling
  • Fabric Printing

3D Renders

The Acoustics Company Online offer in-house project renders to ensure the best acoustic solution. Sometimes acoustic design can be dispiriting to customs as it can be difficult to vision what the installation will look like.

With our In-house render assistance, we can map your interior and position the recommend product for a pre-installation visual. This will help give you the confidence that the colours, product, quantities and aesthetic is right for you.

If you are looking for an immersive experience the render team can also produce 3d visuals for you to examine your new interior.

Contact the sales team today for your project render!

Installation & Aftercare

The Acoustics Company Online has unparalleled experience in fitting bespoke acoustic installation systems. With skilled and expert acoustic fitters contracted with national coverage, We will install the required acoustic system giving effective acoustic performance and finish.

Advantages using The Acoustics Company Online Fitting Contractors

  • National Coverage
  • Installation Aftercare Service
  • Quick Lead Times