Suspended Absorber

Ceiling Acoustic Panels offers a wide range of high-quality Ceiling Acoustic Panels for your convenience. The primary objective of a Ceiling acoustic panel is to increase speech and audio intelligibility by controlling unwanted reverberation and echo through absorption.

The perfect sound absorption is a noise reduction co-efficient (NRC) of 1.0 at 1.0 which means that 100% of the sound is being absorbed by the acoustic product and no sound is being reflected into the room, however perfection is seldom achieved or even required.  You can pay for an acoustic survey to be undertaken by an acoustic engineer, an approach recommended if Health & Safety or legislation is an issue, if it is not and your ambition is to improve comfort and performance then read on.

As a starter for 10, for effective sound control in normal indoor environments we recommend covering at least 15-20% of a room’s wall space with our acoustic wall panels for effective sound control, or 30 to 45% in more problem areas.

If you do not have the space to fit the volume of Acoustic Wall Panels needed i.e., glass walls, large number of windows and doors, or Acoustic wall panels do not match your design requirements then you need, then this is when Ceiling acoustic panels come into their own.

Ceiling acoustic panels are split in four main types.

  • Acoustic ceiling panels which are the same as the Acoustic Wall panels like the Echo, EchoGeo and alpha range. All work on reducing reverberation and echo through absorption, all can be fixed directly to your ceiling. Low maintenance, robust and fibre free products.
  • Rafts –Which are in effect suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels for instance the Alpha and Absorb range are both manufactured using recycled polyester. Suspended horizontally from the ceiling, rafts deliver absorption performance not only from the face of the panel but also from the rear of the panel. The panels can offer the highest sound absorption rating (CLASS A) enabling the area where it is used to achieve the highest level of absorption. Acoustic Ceiling Rafts can be incorporated and combined with your lighting design ensuring your lighting and acoustic solutions are placed exactly where needed. Options include wrapped panels using a range of industry-leading fabrics from Camira, e.g., Trilogy and Blazer.
  • Baffles– Acoustic ceiling baffles are an effective and inexpensive acoustic ceiling treatment that suspends down vertically to increase speech intelligibility and sound clarity. Our acoustic ceiling baffles are an excellent choice for use in large spaces, or spaces that have limited wall space, or need materials to be out of reach. Since the product installs vertically, both sides have exposure to sound. With an increase in surface area, there is an increase in its ability to reduce reverberation.
  • Suspended Acoustic Absorber – Are designer Ceiling Acoustic Panels. Our unique range includes the Pangolin, Lattice, Lotus, Zone, and Chevron – The Suspended Acoustic Absorber range has taken the design of a traditional Ceiling acoustic absorber and improved the impact of its design and technical performance. They are perfect for open plan Workspaces, Boardrooms, Rest areas, and Restaurants. You can get creative with your interiors as the design possibilities are endless!


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