Fitting out the perfect office space.

Never has the design of office space been more important, as research has proven that there are direct links between workspaces and staff wellbeing, creativity, and efficiency.

Luckily, extensive research has provided us with a clear pathway to creating the perfect workspace. Which is set out below.

The Acoustics Company, European building division prides itself on, not only its product designs, to enable the perfect office but also our, investment in the capability of plant, equipment, and skills to ensure that our office fit out clients can offer the best in design and service to their clients, the end-user.


Light is a key element of good office design.

If the space has windows, then try to take advantage of them ensuring direct sunlight by putting desks near to them. Organise the desks so that the sun is not directly in anyone’s eyes use blinds or window diffusers.  Natural lighting has been shown to play a large role in the Health and Well-being of the people in the office. People can expect better energy, sleep, and a sense of well-being if they get adequate amounts of natural light.

Most companies or individuals must work with what they have and that may mean low amounts of natural light in your office. There are solutions in artificial lighting that can have similar benefits to large amounts of natural light that is why we can incorporate a range of lighting solutions into our products.

Open plan Flexible workspace – Create movement by design.

People are not meant to sit in one spot all day, long gone are the days of putting people in cubicles or large open plan hot desking situations. Creating flexible workspaces is the key to allowing agile working and incorporates movement into your team’s workday.

Use an adjustable standing desk so that staff can switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Create a separate place away from the desk to meet, brainstorm and work in groups. The key is to have at least 2 different locations where you or your team can do work during the day. If you do not have the space for this, get creative with screens and dividers that add creativity to the workplace via the use of colour (a post is coming soon on the best use of colour)

Social hub. Communication and social connections are important, not only for morale but also in terms of strengthening the bond between team members to enhance collaboration and productivity. This is so important as many staff have had prolonged periods of working from home recently.  For this reason, it is essential to include a kitchen and a breakout space, such as a lounge area where people can take a break from work and their screen and enjoy a social lunch away from their desks (if you do not provide this space staff will create it, as we are inherently social creatures)

Bring the outdoors in

Space, and elements that resemble nature have been shown to make real, tangible improvements in the occupant’s general sense of well-being.

Incorporate natural shapes and colours into the space. Use earth tones, use wood finishes add pictures of nature into the space. The use of lighter earth tones will also have a bonus of reflecting more natural light.

Bring in the Plants!! Plants are a great, easy way to add energy and life to an area.


Stay away from loud environments to maintain a good office design.

With many offices using an open space design, acoustics are becoming more and more important. A little background noise is good and natural. But for your team to be most effective, they should be able to comfortably talk on the phone without hearing distracting noises in the background.

The best way to find this happy medium is through Sound Absorption. Sound absorption allows you to create an open office space that also has the privacy and quietness needed to be productive. We have a wide range of solutions that deliver this and enhance the other aspects of good office design. Having an office space that is quiet enough to concentrate but not hidden from the rest of the world is something you must get right if you want to design a good office space.

Consider installing audio-visual (AV) equipment and appropriate AV spaces.

The ‘new’ way of working is via MS Teams, Zoom and Skype but for this approach to be successful good AV equipment fitted into a space designed specifically for it is needed. The right kit in the right space!

Keep design on-brand.

The office should represent your brand from the colours you choose for the walls to the furniture and finishing touches and accessories. Consider how to weave branding into your office design. Help to create the corporate identity throughout the space.


A clean and tidy work environment will not only help your staff to stay focused, work more efficiently and reduce their stress levels but is also important from a health and safety point of view. So do not create clutter in the first place ensure you have the right office furniture to store it away so that can be found when you need it.

If you need any help designing your workspace or if you are an office fit company and want to offer your clients something unique that works then please do not hesitate to contact The Acoustics Company.

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