Printed Acoustic Wall Panels

Sound absorption and unlimited design potential come together in our Alpha, Absorb, and Echo Print Acoustic Panels. You can transform an acoustic panel into an artistic piece featuring digital images or a functional advertising board showcasing your logo or ad. Use single panels for accents, or combine multiple ones to create a striking impact.

These printed acoustic panels can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or hung as baffles or clouds. We provide a variety of core materials to cater to your performance and design requirements. With our Printed Acoustic Panels, you can craft an acoustic and aesthetic masterpiece limited only by your imagination.

Not only are our printed acoustic panels visually appealing, but they also deliver exceptional acoustic performance, as most of them are Class A Acoustic Absorbers. They help reduce reverberation and echo and enhance comfort and well-being for guests, staff, and yourself.

Feel free to use your digital artwork or purchase stock images. For more details on image guidelines, refer to the spec sheet provided.

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