Acoustic Ceiling Treatments

Acoustical ceiling treatment are sometimes the only way to address noise issues within certain spaces. If the space is a large, open area with not a lot of wall surface available for acoustical treatment, Acoustic Ceiling Treatments can be the most effective option. Similarly, even if the room is small but is getting sound reflection specifically from high ceilings, ceiling acoustic treatments can provide an easy way to break up the noise that is reverberating in the space.

High Quality Acoustic Ceiling Treatments offers a range of high-quality Acoustic Ceiling Treatments for your convenience. The primary objective of Ceiling Acoustic Panels is to increase speech and audio intelligibility by controlling unwanted reverberation and echo through absorption. 

Treating the ceiling can often lead to the best solution for acoustic sound control if carried out in conjunction with acoustic wall treatments offers a wide array of Ceiling Acoustic Panels for just about any situation: Our range includes:

  • Echo Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Panels – A cost-effective treatment to reverberation and echo. Simple to install with an easy-peel self-adhesive backing designed to grab onto walls and ceiling with little or no fuss. Echo Panels are a Class A Acoustic Absorber available in a range of sizes and fabrics
  • EchoGeo Acoustic Ceiling and wall panels -. EchoGeo offers a range of popular sizes and shapes, sold in convenient pack sizes
  • Absorb Polo rafts - the Absorb Polo Raft is a Class A, Suspended Acoustic Absorber manufactured using recycled polyester. Suspended horizontally from the ceiling using our specially designed fitting kits. The Absorb Polo can be incorporated and combined with your lighting design ensuring your lighting and acoustic solutions are placed exactly where needed. Options include wrapped panels using a range of industry-leading fabrics from Camira, Trilogy, or Blazer.
  • The designer Suspended Acoustic Absorber Range, Pangolin, Lattice, Lotus, Zone, and Chevron - The Suspended Acoustic Absorber range has taken the design of a traditional hanging raft and improved the impact of its design and technical performance. They are perfect for open plan Workspaces, Boardrooms, Rest areas, and Restaurants. You can get creative with your interiors as the design possibilities are endless! 
  • Alpha Acoustic Ceiling Baffles - Alpha Acoustic Baffles are Acoustic Panels, manufactured in straight or wave design. Acoustically effective, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to install, these baffles are an effective addition to any commercial or educational environment. 
  • Echo Wave Baffle – The Wave Hanging Baffle is a high-performing Class A Acoustic Absorber that adds interest to your interior design. Wave Baffles are manufactured with an MTech foam core and Blazer Lite fabric finish. Wave can be suspended horizontally and vertically. Baffles are excellent at battling reverberation and echo. 
  • Acoustic Fins- Alpha Fins are a creative budget-priced way to reduce reverberation. The two thicknesses and 14 colours allow for endless design options. Perfect for walls and ceilings as part of your space design or as a stand-alone feature. 
  • Alpha Acoustic Rafts - Alpha rafts are Suspended Acoustic Panels, manufactured in a variety of designs and sizes. Delivering excellent acoustic performance that can be used to hide ceiling services. Offered in a choice of six geometric shapes and 14 solid colours that can be used in an endless number of formations. The optional adjustable suspension system allows you to suspend the rafts directly above the noise source delivering an excellent, finely tuned acoustic solution. 
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